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We have already attended the power of Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel. We tell you what we thought about the penultimate movie that we will see in Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For that, we have to go back to the 90s, the decade of shirts with colored shapes.

Marvel finally starts its final phase of “Captain Marvel”. The UCM will irremediably converge in the next Avengers: Endgame, but before we will have the story of a key piece in that climax: the movie of Captain Marvel comes to the billboards so we know better their background and amazing powers.

“Captain Marvel”

This time, the action takes us until 1995, before Captain America left the ice or Tony Stark became Iron Man for the first time. Captain Marvel 2019 full movie It is, therefore, a world that is not yet used to superheroes. In that particular context, Carol Danvers will take us through her story as Captain Marvel and Kree soldier. Those of you who are a little used to the Marvel universe will know that the kree and the skrull are two extraterrestrial races that have been at war for an eternity. Actress Brie Larson plays one of those kree soldiers, Kar-ell, who is trained by Yon-Rogg (Jude Law, from whom we finally know her final role) to become one of the kree’s most powerful warriors.

After a skirmish skirmish, Kar-ell crashes on Earth and the skrulls go after her. She does not remember her past well and occasionally sees flashes of her childhood. Was he on Earth before? Who are those people with the face of Annette Benning or Lashana Lynch that she sees in her flashbacks? While trying to decipher those enigmas and account for the skrulls (aliens whose main characteristic is that they can change shape and imitate any individual they cross), will have the help of a young Nick Fury, who from a position of lower rank in SHIELD tries to understand what is happening.

We tell you nothing more of the plot, because, as expected, Capitana Marvel hides several script turns (some of them very, very fat) and explains several unknowns generated by previous films: if Captain Marvel 2019 full movie is so powerful, Why had not he acted in crisis like the first movie of The Avengers? And how did Nick Fury get to be the one he is? What role does Ronan the Accuser play in the contest? Some of these explanations will convince you more than others, but there is no doubt that the Captain Marvel movie is a key piece to connect the puzzle of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“Captain Marvel”

The tone of “Captain Marvel” is that of a film of this franchise: it highlights the action above all, but there are also some touches of drama, mystery and, yes, there is also plenty of room for humor. The own Nick Fury (with a Samuel L. Jackson of the most comical thing, without that diminishes effectiveness to its personage) and the Goose cat are fundamental pillars of that comic section. What we did not expect was that the leader of the skrulls, Talos (played by a Ben Meldenson from Star Wars: Rogue One and Ready Player One and we are used to being a boss), also was one of the funniest parts of the plot. The funny thing is that they get this to work and make us see the skrulls as a force to be taken into account, but at the same time we know how to see their funniest side. But come on, do not expect a Thor: Ragnarok, here the doses of humor are more moderate.

In any case, as we said before, Capitana Marvel stands out especially for its action scenes. Carol Danvers is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe (the most?) And this is seen from the beginning, Captain Marvel 2019 full movie with those lightning bolts and those choreographies of fights that leave the rivals shivering. In the last third of the film, is when it really unleashes its power and is devastating at all. At all times, it is a joy to see Brie Larson in action, while clenching her teeth when she plows a punch or flies wrapped in energy with her uniform and crest, so iconic in the comic. Yes, this is a great heroine of action and this movie leaves us with a huge hype before the future possibility of watching her fight side by side with Thor  Or giving Thanos wax, of course.

However, this also leads us to one point: Captain Marvel is so tremendously powerful that there are times when we feel that there can not be a rival at his level, at least in this film. That makes us enjoy as dwarfs watching how it fades in the fights, but also that we do not have a concern about whether it will be able to survive its threats.

Luckily, the film has many brushstrokes of espionage and intrigue, thanks especially to the facet of the skrulls and the secret intentions of more than one character, which we do not comment on here. Captain Marvel 2019 full movie Thus, this is not the typical journey of the hero, in which at first he is weak and by his descent into hell he becomes more powerful, Watch Online or Download instant but rather we attend a trip by Carol Danvers to understand the value of what he knows in the land, the motivations of the different races and, above all, a trip to understand and accept itself for what it really is.

That last aspect leads us to an approach that is giving a lot to talk about lately, also sponsored by the marketing that surrounds the film. Is Captain Marvel a film about feminism? In our opinion it is not, or at least, that is not the main focus of the story, far from it. There are positive values ​​that we could consider as part of the feminist discourse Watch Online or Download instant (not having to depend on anyone or having to prove anything to anyone, for example) and those values ​​are verbalized a couple of times, but as we said, we are not aware that the history go about that, but rather about understanding the kree-skrull war, discovering Carol’s past, diving into the boot of Nick Fury as a recruiter of heroes … And fights to cholo, of course.

We are not going to delve into the controversy about Brie Larson’s supposedly “racist-anti-man” profile that so many rivers of ink are running lately (we’ll just say that it seems a Captain Marvel 2019 full movie totally disproportionate and decontextualized polemic and that we’ll talk about it in a separate blog ), but we will tell you that none of that is breathed into the film, which is an epic of superheroes with the same virtues and defects that we have seen in many other Marvel productions.

In that sense, Captain Marvel is a superhero movie of the most entertaining and spectacular at times, “Captain Marvel” but it is also fair to say that it is somewhat irregular in its sections: the dramatic parts are somewhat forced to lengthen the plot, certain turns of script give rise to excessively Manichean situations and, “Captain Marvel” above all, it annoys us that it has not deepened more in the worlds, norms and history of the kree and the skrull, because what little we see has a very interesting potential that does not come to hatch. In that sense, secondary roles like those of Minn-erva (a crucial kree in comics) or Bron-Char give the feeling of being there to fulfill the quota of characters, but they do not become memorable anywhere near.

“Captain Marvel”

In return, we have nothing but praise for Carol Danvers herself, Nick Fury or … Have we mentioned the cat already? Watch Online or Download instant There is also a secondary concept that encourages the trip a lot: the atmosphere of the 90s permeates the soundtrack (with themes of Nirvana or No Doubt, for example), small background gags (eye to the wardrobe of Carol or the “little machine” that he uses to build a communicator on Earth) and, Captain Marvel 2019 full movie of course, also leads us to see rejuvenated versions of Nick Fury or agent Coulson, again with the face of Clark Gregg. The technology used to digitally display the young faces of these actors is truly amazing. It really seems that we see them with that age! Without a doubt, a very powerful precedent in the face of what digital technology can do in the future.

All in all, we are not even far away from the best Marvel movie, but not from the worst (ahem, Thor 2, ahem), but it’s a cinematic experience that you have to enjoy, at least once. at the cinema. And have we told you about the cat?

“Captain Marvel”, one of the most anticipated films of the year, arrives this week to the US billboard and the industry awaits its arrival as a manna from heaven due to the poor collection results during the first two months of 2019.

The US box office accumulated about US $ 1,400 million until February 25, 27.7% less than in the same Watch Online or Download instant period during 2018, and the biggest premiere so far came from the hands of the animated film “How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World “, with US $ 55.5 million.

The situation will surely change with the debut of “Captain Marvel”, the first Marvel film starring a woman (Brie Larson), Captain Marvel 2019 full movie which could amass around US $ 120 million on his arrival in theaters.

That mark would surpass that registered by “Wonder Woman” (2017), the huge success of the rival studio Warner Bros., which began its career with US $ 103 million.

The film focuses on the figure of the Air Force pilot Carol Danvers, a woman who will be in the middle of a battle between two alien races and who will obtain a series of powers that will make her one of the most powerful characters – perhaps, the most- of the Marvel Universe.

Jonathan Schwartz, one of the architects of the Marvel Universe and executive producer of the film, said that the goal of the creators Watch Online or Download instant was that the protagonist was a “really inspiring” character.